Some of the famous items from Mysore you should consider carrying home are

  1. Mysore silk saree - The numero uno item particularly if you are an indian lady is the world famous Mysore silk saree. Best place to buy it is Karnataka govt. run KSIC factory premises in manandawady road which is just 4 kms from city center. Tourist guides may try to take you elsewhere saying that the showroom they take is the official one, but you insist to go to this factory. 
  2. Mysore handicraft items - Rosewood handicraft items are very famous here. For a similar piece of artwork the price will vary a lot. It depends on where you buy, what materials are used and how skilled the artist is. If you are good in making out, you can try visiting the small factories in the small lanes of Mysore close to irwin road, mandi mohalla etc. If you are not comfortable, go to cauvery emporium which is run by govt. of Karnataka.
  3. Mysore specific sweets like Mysore pak - Some of the shops where you get good Mysore pak are
    1. Guru sweets
    2. Mysore milk dairy outlets
    3. Bombay tiffanys
  4. Sandal wood products - Mysore soap factory products are the best and you can get it almost everywhere
  5. Agarbatties - There are few well known brands and most of the shops will be able to guide you on this.
  6. Mysore paintings
  7. Coffee - Cofe Coffee Day outlets, Gayathri coffee and many more units give you freshly brewed coffee powder. Go far a mix with less than 155 chicory content 
  8. Wood toys and dolls - Channapatna, a town 85km towards Bangalore is famous for this and if you are going in this road, dont miss it.
  9. Mysore jasmine flower - Can you carry it home? i dont think so if you are coming from far away place. But buy a little and expirience it.
  10. Yoga related stuff - nothing specific is manufactured here. But just because this is a destination for learning yoga, you almost get whatever you want in this stream.