About Mysore

Mysore, a well-known tourist destination, is also known as the “Culture capital of Karnataka.” It is a beautiful place with a perfect blend of culture and history. There are many places to visit in Mysore, from historical sites to religious shrines.

A few fun facts about Mysore - it is one of the first planned cities of India! It also has one of the tallest churches in India, St Philomena’s Church. Mysore is home to the oldest zoo in India, Mysore Zoo which was created in 1892! Mysore sightseeing is filled with rich culture.

Why Travel to the Wonderful City of Mysore? 

How’s the Weather Like in Mysore? 

Many people travel to Mysore for a myriad of reasons. One of which is the weather. Mysore boasts pleasant weather all year round, even in summers you will find yourself bathing in the warm sunlight as a cool and pleasant breeze blows around you. This is the perfect environment for Mysore sightseeing!

What Are the Different Places to Visit?

There are many places to visit in Mysore. The architecture of Mysore is something that cannot be missed, from its gorgeous monuments to humble temples. One of their mostfamous attractions being the Someswara Temple which was built by the Wodeyars during the 13th century! You can take a taxi in Mysore to visit all these places.

What Are Some Interesting Activities to Do? 

There are a lot of fun things to do in Mysore. You can take a taxi in Mysore to get around.

You could visit their famous zoo, the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens. Here you will find a range of 168 different species! Notably leopards, giraffes, zebras, and tigers. They also have the Mysore rail museum which is one of the most popular tourist attractions! This museum boasts a rich collection of photographs that depict the various stages of the development of Indian railways. You can go to all these places with our Mysore tour packages.

What Are the Places Nearby? 

From Mysore, you can take Mysore cabs and travel to the stunning hill stations Ooty and Coorg. The nearest cosmopolitan city is Bangalore . It offers a blend of culture and modern lifestyle. Also, across the state border is the scenic and beautiful hill station, Wayanad. .

How to Get to Mysore? 

By Air 

You can reach the city of Mysore by air, the nearest airport being the new Bangalore International Airport.

By Railways 

Mysore is well connected by rail transport throughout the region.

By Road 

Several buses that travel to Mysore as well, state transport and private tour operators. If you are travelling by road with a private vehicle, you can take the Mysore Road (SH 17.)

Why Choose MysoreTrips for Your Travel Needs?

MysoreTrips provides you with impeccable travel services. We have reliable Mysore cabs with experienced drivers to take you where you need to go. With our selection of cars to choose from, we will make sure to cater to your specific needs. We provide one-way trips, round trips to sightsee, outstation trips, and local sightseeing trips as well.

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Mysore Packages

Mysore Packages

Mysore is one of the most visited destinations in India by tourists. Trip to Mysore is a choice of every honeymoon couple, friends groups or a team of relatives. Mysore is a must see place in one s lifetime.