mysore to coorg one day trip

Mysore to Coorg One Day Trip: Explore Incredible Coorg!

Vibrant green landscapes, thundering mountains, and pristine water bodies. This sums up Coorg sightseeing in a sentence. Coorg is filled with natural wonders making this the perfect destination for nature lovers. There are many places to visit in Coorg in one day, from waterfalls to dams and religious temples as well. This Coorg one day package from Mysore will allow you to discover the incredible sights and all Coorg tourism has to offer!

Coorg One-Day Tour Itinerary (From Mysore)


This Mysore to Coorg one day trip will commence at 6 AM. You will be picked up from your preferred location and take the Mysore to Coorg cab.

Reach Coorg + Tibetan Golden Temple

Reach Coorg and your Coorg one day package from Mysore begins. You will take the taxi in Coorg to visit the Tibetan Golden Temple. This is one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India, holding over 16000 refugees and 6000 monks and nuns. The grand golden statues and intricate architecture of this temple is an important part of Coorg tourism.

River Rafting

It’s time to bring in the adventurous part of this Mysore to Coorg one day trip and go river rafting! Make your way through the magnificent river as you enjoy the thrill of white water rating.

Dubare Elephant Camp

When you take this Mysore to Coorg one day car package, you will be visiting the most amazing places! One of them being Dubare Elephant Camp. Interact with some of the most intelligent animals on this planet, grand and regal elephants!

Chiklihole Dam

This dam can be reached by taking the taxi in Coorg here, it is around 15 km from Madikeri. Nestled in fields of vibrant green grass, Chikihole Damn is a large body of water that attracts many nature lovers. It’s a super spot to lay out a picnic and just chill at!

Madikeri Fort
This is one of the most important places to visit in Coorg in 1 day. Madikeri Fort is a quaint fort with a rich history. It was first founded during the 17th century and later rebuilt by Tipu Sultan. It is included in the Mysore to Coorg one day trip because it is a site that many history buffs love to visit.


Take a break from the visual experiences and enjoy a delicious South Indian lunch.

Raja’s Tomb

This Mysore to Coorg one day car package includes seeing the very ancient Raja’s Tomb. Here is where you will find the tombs of Kodava kings and their families. Including Tipu Sultan’s officers who passed away while defending him.

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls is one of the more well-known places to visit in Coorg in one day. Witness the grand gush of these raging waterfalls. The foaming waters hitting the jagged rocks is something you will never forget. It is a Coorg sightseeing spot beloved by many.

Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat is one of the best Coorg sightseeing places. It is included in this Mysore to Coorg one day trip because you get to see the most fantastic views. Enjoy the flora that this spot has to offer and the gorgeous valley around.

Drop back at Mysore; or end tour in Madikeri

Here is where the Mysore to Coorg one day trip comes to an end. After taking this Mysore to Coorg cab, you can either choose to stay in Coorg or get dropped back to Mysore. If you choose to go back to Mysore you will reach around 9:30 PM.

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Why Opt For Our “Mysore to Coorg One Day Tour” Package

This Mysore to Coorg one day car package is something you cannot miss! Take the Mysore to Coorg cab and get ready to explore this wonderful hill station. From adventurous things like river rafting to scenic views from a high point. Coorg has so much to offer, all you need to do is get ready to explore it!

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